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About Us

Taurus Innovation

Taurus Innovation I have a passion for making the world a better place. My experience in the EMI industry has taught me how to create an application that is both secure and user-friendly, which is why I believe I can help you with your security concerns.

As a software developer, I have been able to work on highly complex applications that allow users to connect with each other securely, without having to worry about their data being compromised. In addition, as a developer, my ability to look at problems from different angles makes me uniquely qualified for this position.

I have already created a prototype of my product (, and it has been tested by many users who found it intuitive and easy to use. This product is ready for beta testing right now!

Our Mission

Groundbreaking Software Solutions For Future

Our Mission is to be the software provider for the future. We are developing new and innovative software solutions in order to help make businesses run faster, ensuring that their data is secure and more accessible than ever before.

Our Vision

Build Secure Future For Everyone

Our vision is to build a Secure Future For Everyone. We aspire to be the world leader in cybersecurity, delivering innovative solutions and services that help protect organizations from cyberattacks and keep the internet safe from harm.

Easy To Used

When purchasing electronic devices, look for products that comply with EMI regulations and standards. Devices that have been tested and certified for EMI compliance are less likely to cause interference and are generally more reliable.

Awesome Design

One of the most effective ways to prevent EMI is to use EMI shielding materials, which can include conductive metals, metal-coated plastics, and conductive coatings. Designing enclosures and cases that incorporate EMI shielding can help protect electronic devices and systems from interference.

Easy To Customize

EMI shielding can be customized to fit specific shapes and sizes of electronic devices and systems. Enclosures, cases, and other components can be designed to incorporate EMI shielding materials and ensure proper grounding.

24 Hour Support

Establish a team of qualified technicians who can provide 24-hour support for EMI security. The team should be trained to troubleshoot and resolve EMI issues quickly and effectively.

How does a EMI Security Controller work?

  1. The seller can lock the phone
  2. Users are unable to use their phones.
  3. A notification will view on the phone screen related to payment. The phone number of the seller will also be visible in the notification.
  4. After paying EMI (Payment ) customer call to seller and request to unlock the phone Users can able to access their phone after unlocking the device Seller App.
  5. Sellers can log in through email, phone number, and code
  6. The seller can get code from admin
  7. The seller can get login after approval from admin(KYC)


EMI is a disturbance caused by an electromagnetic field that affects the performance of electronic devices and systems. EMI can be caused by a variety of sources, including radio waves, electromagnetic radiation from the sun, power lines, and other electronic devices.

Lock section

Seller can lock the phone User unable to use their phone A notification will view on phone screen related to payment Phone number of seller will also visible in notification


After paying EMI (Payment ) customer call to seller and request to unlock the phone Users can able to access their phone after unlocking the device Seller App


Testing EMI security involves assessing the ability of electronic devices and systems to withstand and resist electromagnetic interference (EMI). The testing process can help identify potential sources of EMI and evaluate the effectiveness of EMI mitigation and prevention measures.

Data Analysis

In EMI security, data analysis can be used to monitor the health and performance of electronic devices and systems, identify potential sources of EMI, and develop strategies to mitigate or prevent EMI. It can also help identify patterns or trends in EMI incidents, which can be used to improve EMI security measures over time.


Here is a screenshot of our Mobile Application


One of the most common app development questions is whether or not the app that is soon going to be designed, devised, and developed even feasible. Well, the only way to get an answer to this question is to test the idea in the field of real prospects. You will have to take your idea, create a working prototype and then make it open in the public to then see if it is something they would be interested in.

One of the most impactful mobile app development questions to know who you are making the app for. Before you start with anything, you have to know who are the end users of your app.

While this is a no-brainer, but your app should be such that it can be put under any of the categories that are prevalent in the Play Store and Apple Store.

Competition holds a very important place in not just the app development process but also in deciding the future of an application and as a result in our list of mobile app development FAQs. The first step in the competitive analysis is to know if there are similar apps in the app stores like yours.

Finding ways to protect an app idea before it gets copied is one of the most common mobile app questions we come across. Truth is, you will have the control on your app idea till it is launched in the market. Once deployed, the second your competitors see the positive reviews, they will try and implement the idea in their mobile application as well, until and unless you have patented your app idea, which again works only on some levels.