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Taurus EMI Security, is a revolutionary security software with features like device monitoring, real-time data protection, and swift log clearing. It provides the most current level of protection while still allowing you to make mobile payments, browse privately and securely through social media sites and find your personal information easily. By connecting with phones via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled tablets, Taurus EMI Security enables you to connect to your online life by providing you access to apps like WhatsApp, Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter seamlessly. Taurus EMI Security is a next-generation multi-device security application that safeguards important stuff in your life. It protects all of your devices, including PCs and mobiles. With Taurus EMI Security, you can manage your data and figure out if there are signs of intrusion on your Android phones or laptops. You can keep an eye on conversations and read texts, clear chats, delete calls and multimedia messages.

Product- Taurus EMI Security

The Taurus EMI Security suite is a comprehensive security package that includes the following components: 1. Black List 2. Robust Customer Management 3. EMIs Allowed 4. Authorship 5. PIN/Password 6. Contract Wallet and much more 7. This suite provides optimal solutions to protect the EMI of the store’s products, and ensures retailers receive their EMIs on schedule. If the EMI is not paid on time, the user’s phone will be locked, and he/she will be unable to utilize any of the phone’s functions until it is paid in full! A one-of-a-kind solution that enables retailers to receive their EMI on schedule. The user’s phone will be lock after the EMI is not paid. Taurus Innovation is a made-in-India venture that focuses solely on the consumer. The application can be uninstalled with the use of control panel component.

Our Vision:

At Taurus, we believe in the power of the mobile phone and its wide use. In fact, it is an important device through which people use to buy and sell their products. We realize that a person who owns an Android phone can easily access Alibaba, and so on. Taurus EMI Security has come up with a promising offering to ensure that every customer has complete control over their data at all times. Our vision for the future is both safe and secure for our customers; we firmly believe that encryption will be vital for keeping your private information safe from prying eyes.

Our Mission:

Taurus EMI Security’s mission is to provide the most sophisticated and easy-to-use security solution, according to your requirements. Our EMI Scope Android app uses cutting edge technology, which can easily reach out to the public and garner their confidence through reliable software that safeguards their loved ones, effectively ensuring their safety.